Prodecoder Automatic is a professional decoder made to make your life easier. With this series we managed to overcome high class Double Bit locks like Juwel, Mottura, Cisa, Securemme Securmap and others. We will not stop here. We will continue to develop new models, new Professional Decoders made for Professionals.


Prodecoder Automatic series is an innovative solution for the Double Bit Locks. No experience needed. The video tutorial is enough of a training to start doing it yourself!


Design is important. Even for the Locksmith Tools. With Prodecoder Automatic, in just few simple steps, you overcome high class security locks. With ease.


We won't stop here. We continue our R&D activities to bring solutions to you, our clients.

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Securemme Securmap 11 3 x 3

CISA 3-5-3

Mottura Nucleo Compact

Juwel Safe Lock 3 x 3

Securemme JSH

RB Lock (Rav-Bariach)

Mottura Nucleo Compact

Juwel 4 x 4

Juwel 4 x 4

Mottura 7 pins

FIAM F39 & F40

Juwel 4 x 4

Juwel 3 x 3

Mottura Nucleo Compact 6 pins

Securemme Securmap

CISA 3-5-3